Tuesday, October 27, 2009

opportunity for a teen model in the modeling industry

It is never easy to find modeling assignments especially when there is cut-throat competition in the industry. Amidst all the chaos and the competition, the online modeling industry has really risen out and given hope to many a teen model and models for hire. The online modeling industry is the next big phenomenon and every model’s envy. The online modeling industry is still in its infancy stage and probably that is why this is the right time to join the bandwagon.

According to online sources, the main reason behind the rise of the online modeling industry is the need for online promotions by website owners and companies. Whether it is Sony, Apple, Microsoft, or abc – all these companies promote their products by using aggressive online marketing and advertising strategies. By the end of December 2008, the number of total internet visitors worldwide crossed the 1 billion mark. The number of web pages visited by an individual increased by 2.8% since 2007. An individual visited an average of 105 domains in a month and the men spent more time over the internet vis-à-vis women. This is exactly the reason why companies are choosing online advertising, which in turn has opened avenues for models for hire and aspiring teen model.

According to a research and study by eMarketer, it was identified that the number of US consumers was 116 million in 2008. This is an astounding figure and more so because it reflects the fact that the consumer has started buying over the internet. This is why online advertising has become extremely important. The industry is still in its infancy stage and will grow rapidly in the next decade or so. Hence, this is the best time for a teen model to start their online modeling career. There is also a consistent requirement for models for hire because the competition over the internet is becoming hotter by the day.

Companies and brands that are selling lingerie, fashion wear, swimsuit, thongs, kids wear, youth clothing, shoes, bags, etc are vying for their share of the internet pie. These are the companies that require models for hire for their online modeling requirements. Bikini and Lingerie models are the most popular and the age group most considered is 20-28 years. Children or youth apparels are the next most popular for online modeling and have a constant requirement for teen model or young models. Some of the other industries that need online models off and on include electronics, computer, gardening, travel, home renovation etc,, etc.

If you think that you have the extra spark in you and if you feel that your career lies in modeling then you can become an online teen model. The Internet is a great place to start with as it offers lucrative pay and good assignments.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Lindsay Lohan still drop dead gorgeous

are you still looking for steamy lindsay lohan sex tape ? despite the facts she is notorious for her sextape or self claimed addiction to sex and her life story as drug addict, periodically on or out drug rehab or other hot gossip around her life produced by the sex hollywood gossip mill, Lindsay Lohan still is drop dead gorgeous with countless fans.

Lindsay Lohan still on top celebrity hot list, thats why Fornarina use her for their latest fall and winter ad campaign.

lindsay lohan latest photo studio shot for Fornarina fall and winter ad campaign

so sorry I can not give the link to lindsay lohan sex tape, as a matter of fact I have not got the chance to watch it myself, along with Britney Spear sex tape or Paris Hilton sex tape or Kim Kardashian that was leaked to the internet couples months ago. Celebrities on sex tape scandal really caught on, but life goes on for those celebs and seems nothing bother them. Or maybe it is the time for other celebs with problem to released their official sex tape to the public to keep them at the spotlight ????? Well, guess who will get the cat out of the bag?

seo humour: Luna maya bugil di pantai Pattaya, Kris Dayanti walau janda masih tampil sexy, artis2 jakarta punya file bokep pribadi, file bokep, ayu azhari yg belum pernah muncul di internet sebelumnya, download foto2 artis Indonesia bugil, Tiara Lestari, Chyntiara Alona, Dewi Persik, mulan jameela, julia perez, ketangkap, selingkuh para artis makin hot saja. Koleksi foto bugil komplit download. Rhany juliani masih di blogspot, selingkuh di hotel Bali, adam Yurman fotografer spesialis bugil, miyabi aka maria ozawa akhirnya muncul juga di jakarta dan bali, Disini gak ada gambar bugil atau file bokep-nya. cuman bikini saja. end of seo joke. hehehehe lol